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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Qualification Requirements

All applicants and occupants 18 years of age and older need to complete an application.

Income needs to reflect 2x base rent.

Income Requirements (Applicant): 2x Base Rent

Income Requirements (Guarantor): 3x Base Rent

BMR units are available. Please contact the leasing office for more information.


Trader Joes, Stop & Shop, The Fresh Market, Balducci’s

Little Barn, Terrain Café, Artisan Restaurant

Westport Station, Greens Farms Station

Machamux Park, Winslow Park, Sherwood State Park

The Village Center, Compo Acres, West Fair

Aux Delices, Shearwater Coffee Bar, Starbucks


Water with BMR, None with MR

Parking & Storage

There is reserved uncovered parking, which costs $45.00 per month.

Yes, garage parking is available, which cost $75.00 per month.

Yes, there is guest parking available.

No, there is not a vehicle washing station, but we do have a vacuum station and air pump available.

Yes, we have electric charging stations available.

Deposit & Fees

The deposit starts at $1,000.00 and can be up to 1 month's rent.

There is a $100 lease alteration fee (adding a roommate to the existing lease?

There is a $75.00 application fee.

The deposit and admin fee is due upon application.

There is a $50.00 fee to replace key/fob.

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